19 Best Dress Up Games for Adults (Android & iPhone)

Do you have a special flair for fashion, or are you always on the lookout for your next great outfit? If so, then you’ve probably been looking for dress up games that let you express your style through fashion.

What if I told you there’s a whole world of dress-up games that adults can play too?

Yes, we said adults!

And not only is these games filled with some truly fabulous fashion, but it also offers something different: they let people explore their creativity by designing outfits from scratch.

Plus, it offers us grownups a chance to play around with our favorite childhood pastime in a whole new way.

Well, they may only be games, but they will give you the same satisfaction as putting together an outfit in real life!

1. Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim

Fashion Empire App Android

Fashion Empire is a game that will put players be a boutique owner and attempt to establish the boutique from the ground up and gain popularity.

In this game, you will begin by opening your first boutique in San Francisco with the assistance of an investor named Eva.

As a boutique owner, of course, you have to be able to create various types of clothes that people will adore, and you can also sell shoes, wallets, makeup, and so on.

The store in San Francisco is the first step for your business, and later you can expand into other big cities such as Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and so on.

In order to enhance the boutique’s reputation, you can also participate in clothing competitions that other players from all across the world participate in.

The good news is that this game can be played offline, so you can play it anywhere and anytime you want without being connected to the internet.

2. International Fashion Stylist

International Fashion Stylist Android

Are you looking for a fashion game that provides a dress up game suitable for adult? If so, then, International Fashion Stylist is the right game for you.

The reason is that this game has a wide range of accessories, bags, dresses, shoes, jewelry, and other goods.

In this game, you’ll be challenged with becoming the world’s most popular stylist.

But. of course, to be successful in this game is not easy. To build a good reputation, you must win various fashion show events that are held in this game.

3. Fashion Story™

Fashion Story Android

Fashion Story is a game that will make you feel the excitement of being a famous boutique owner.

In this game, you play the part of a boutique owner who must first establish a successful store before she may expand her business.

When opening a boutique, there are several difficulties that you must overcome. You also have to arrange the layout of the boutique effectively in addition to picking clothes with current designs.

According to the Google Play, this game has been downloaded by more than 10 million times. You don’t have to worry about your phone’s performance because Fashion Story is extremely lightweight, only 19 MB.

4. Covet Fashion – Dress Up Game

Covet Fashion Android

How good are you at creating fashion trends? Show and prove your skills by competing with other fashionistas in the Covet Fashion game.

In this game, you must become a stylist who will be challenged to win a prestigious fashion show.

Don’t worry if you’re running out of inspiration; this game has collaborated with several well-known fashion brands in the real world, including Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe, Vince Camuto, and more.

5. Black Friday Fashion Mall Game

Black Friday Shopping Mall Game Android

As the name implies, Black Friday Fashion Mall Game is the perfect game for those who enjoy shopping for clothing.

Most of the tasks in this game requires you to shop for various types of clothes from well-known brands like Supreme, Fashionara, Bling Me, and so on.

You won’t have to worry about running out of money when shopping in this game since you can participate in fashion contests to earn a lot of money that you may use later for purchasing.

6. DIY Fashion Star

Diy Fashion Star Android Game

Have you ever dreamed of being a famous fashion designer? With the DIY Fashion Star game, we can make your fantasies come true.

In this game, you must become a fashion designer who has to come up with various types of clothing that are popular among the public.

You can easily imagine yourself creating fashionable clothes, from designing the shape, adding accessories, and so on.

Furthermore, this game has a number of objectives that are quite challenging, ranging from selfie contests to videos creation.

7. Superstar Fashion Girl

Superstar Fashion Girl Game Android

If you’re looking for a fashion game with a lot of features to play, then, Superstar Fashion Girl is the right game for you.

Because in this game you’ll act as a celebrity woman who’s glamorous and attractive.

There are so many things you can do in this game, such as dancing, singing, and so on. To become a renowned celebrity and be known by people, you must be able to execute these activities well.

More than 400 pieces of popular clothing and 100 goals that are both amusing and difficult, one of which is a goal to seduce in order to obtain a present from your lover,

This game provides more than 400 pieces of popular clothing and 100 missions that are fun and challenging, one of which is a mission to seduce your lover to get a gift.

8. Momo’s Dressup

Momos Dress Up Android

At first glance, this Android dress-up game looks like a simple game, but don’t get fooled.

Because Momo’s Dressup provides very exciting gameplay, the 4.7 rating on Google Play proves that.

In this game, you must dress up the characters with a variety of fashion items provided such as skirts, shoes, wigs, accessories and many more.

9. Fashion Fever – Dress Up, Styling and Supermodels

Fashion Fever Android Game

Our pick for the next dress up game is Fashion Fever – Dress Up, Styling and Supermodels.

This game is popular and has been downloaded by more than 1 million people on Google Play.

In this game, you’ll be a makeup artist worked in a model studio.

Then, you will travel around the world to make up the existing top-class models.

There are many different kinds of fashion to choose from, such as clothes, pants, dresses, and other fashion accessories.

10. Fashion Fever 2: Dress Up Game

Fashion Fever 2 Android Game

In addition to Fashion Fever, you might also want to try the sequel, Fashion Fever 2: Dress Up Game. This game provides a lot more challenges.

In this game, you’ll be in charge of eight fantastic models at the same time, all of whom must become fashion icons and successful model.

In addition, players may purchase clothing and accessories in this game. Surprisingly, Fashion Fever 2 also offers 30 top brands of fashion items.

11. Beauty Queen Dress Up

Beauty Queen Dress Up Android

Do you want to live a designer’s life? Beauty Queen Dress Up is a game that you must play.

In this game, you’ll be a fashion designer for contestants in the global beauty pageant.

You can choose the model that will be used as you wish, a total of 12 models that you can choose from in this game.

You can choose the model you want to dress up, as there are a total of 12 different models to choose from in this game.

In addition to clothes, in this game you can also style the character’s hairstyle according to your wishes.

12. Celebrity Star Fashion Model Showstopper Girl Game

Celebrity Star Fashion Model Showstopper Girl Game Android

This game may be the ideal dress up game for you who enjoy challenges, as it has been played by over 500 thousand Android users.

There are many tasks that you have to accomplish in this game, ranging from photo shoot challenges, interviews, dancing, and so on.

Not only that, in this game, you may participate in a variety of activities, such as becoming a model in the real world or sending an application to apply for a major fashion event.

13. Fashion Challenge: Life Design

Fashion Challenge Life Design Android

The next dress-up game is Fashion Challenge, in which you may take the role of a fashion director.

In this game, you must be a trend setter and helping people in obtaining their greatest look.

You won’t be bored playing this game, since it offers you with an interesting story lines.

Apart from that, there are a number of optional activities or mini games inside this game, such as matching colors and renovating rooms.

14. Fashion Cup – Dress up & Duel

Fashion Cup Dress Up And Duel Android

Fashion Cup is a dress up game that will challenge players to turn an ordinary girl from Hollywood into a top model.

Of course, in order for the girl to become a popular model, you have to dress her flawlessly as a top-tier star.

But you don’t have to worry because there are more than 20 fashion shops that you can visit in this game.

15. Fashion Diva Dress Up Stylist

Fashion Diva Dress Up Game Android

The next best dress up game is a game entitled Fashion Diva: Dressup & Makeup, which has been downloaded by more than 10 million users on Google Play.

This game is in the casual gaming category, which is appropriate for people of all ages. from kids to adults.

There is something special about this game. You’ll be introduced to a stunning new style.

Of course, you have several options for of glamorous fashion that you can choose to apply to the main character.

To enjoy the excitement of this game, you can directly download it on the Google Play for free.

16. Fashion Fantasy

Fashion Fantasy Android

For those of you seeking for a brief fashion game, Fashion Fantasy is the ideal game. This is due to the fact that this game is really light, weighing in at just 26 MB.

However, the game contains interesting gameplay. That’s why it has more than 500 thousand downloads on Google Play.

In this game, you’ll have a fashion adventure throughout the world and explore a variety of clothing trends.

Furthermore, in Fashion Fantasy, you can compete with your friends to be the character with the most fashionable appearance.

17. High School Couple: Girl & Boy Makeover

High School Dress Up

Okay, this game is most likely designed for a more specialized audience than the others.

High School Couple game allows you to dress up a teenager with the best appearance.

This game has a storyline that they will go on a date. And you, as a designer, are required to make them a perfect match with the right clothes.

Choose from various types of clothing, haircuts, and accessories that these teens would wear. You may create a trendy fashion for them by mixing and matching clothes, haircuts, and accessories.

18. It Girl – Fashion Celebrity & Dress Up Game

It Girl Game Android

Unlike the previous installments, you will play as a novice model named Tina who has been invited to a celebrity celebration in this game.

Unlike the previous games above, in this game, you will play as a novice model named Tina who has been invited to a celebrity party.

The opportunity to become a popular girl and be known by many people begins with the invitation; when you attend the event, you must be able to style Tina’s clothes to make them look more appealing and fashionable.

19. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Who does not know this popular game? I’m sure you probably already know that too. Yes, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is the name of this entertaining game.

This game, which has been downloaded more than 1 million times, has exciting gameplay. You can choose three different storylines: become a celebrity, be a traveler who travels around the world, or build a virtual family.

Furthermore, as well as the fantastic storyline, this game also includes a dress-up game for adults. There are thousands of item combinations to mix and match your appearance with.

What makes this game so exciting is that you may play it with your friends as well! How much more entertaining can it get?

Those are the best fashion show games that you can play offline and online on your Android smartphone.

Now you can feel the excitement of being a model and fashion designer anywhere and anytime from your phone. Which dress up game do you think is the most exciting? Let me know! 🙂