13 Best Apps to Make You Look Skinny (for Android & iPhone)

So what happens when we post a picture and don’t like how it looks?

When we’re first uploading the photo, we might be inclined to stretch the image so that we fit better or take off a few pounds at least.

But stretching the photo will result in distortion everyone can tell. Especially to the background.

Thankfully, many mobile apps can now help you realize your goal. To appear skinnier in a photo, try using the following applications to make you look thinner and more attractive.

1. Retouch Me: Body & Face Editor

Retouch Me Android

I really like the idea behind this app. Unlike any other body editor, this one comes with professional touch. So it’s basically not an editor per se, but rather a photo-editing service. That’s why you will not get the result instantly. (But still, very fast delivery!)

When you first launch the app, it offers you a variety of edit options to enhance your photo, then you will make a request.

The designers behind Retouch Me will retouch your photo according to your request and deliver the result in a few minutes.

Everything in this app is not free, since it is a service. But I think for professional service AND the fast delivery time, the price is cheap compared to freelance gigs out there.

And of course, if you don’t like the result, Retouch Me offers you 2x FREE revisions.

The minimum total cost of a retouch is 20 credit (stars) equals $0.99. Here’s the complete pricing:

  1. 20 credits = $0.99
  2. 80 credits = $2.99
  3. 140 credits = $4.99
  4. 360 credits = $9.99
  5. 800 credits = $19.99
  6. 1440 credits = $29.99
  7. 3000 credits = $49.99
  8. Basic Retouching – Monthly $9.99
  9. Standard Retouching – Monthly $19.99

And here’s the typical cost of each edits:

Retouch Me Pricing

2. Perfect Me – Body Editor & Face Retouch & Skin Tune

Perfect Me Android

Perfect Me is a powerful photo editor to enhance your face and body. It comes with everything you need to make a good photo, from body editor, face editor, filters, make-up (pro), object remover, backdrop changer (pro), photo frame, stickers, and collage.

In summary, the free version of this app is capable for making your body to look slimmer.

But if you need more advanced feature and will use this app frequently, you can purchase monthly or yearly subscription, or if not, you can use 4 days free trial.

3. Hotune – Face & body editor & body enhancer & face app

Hotune Android

Hotune comes with a number of unique filters, effects, and other customization options. Overall, it’s an excellent program for editing your photos, especially for the body and face.

This app allows you to change your body and get a great result without needing any advanced Photoshop skills.

The body editing process in this app works by stretching the selected area up or down, so if you use a photo that has complicated background, it will leave a noticeable distortion.

The best practice is to use photos with plain, simple background or just use a slight modification only.

4. Body Editor – Body Shape Editor, Slim Face & Body

Body Editor Android

Body Editor is one of the best body adjustment app on Android.

With Body Editor app, you can make your body look thinner by slimming down the body and face. You could also enlarge breasts and hips to make yourself more attractive.

Furthermore, you can shrink the waistline to make your figure appear slimmer. You can even add six pack abs, muscles, and tattoos with this app!

The program has a 4.8 rating from 158,051 users on the Google Play, indicating that it’s excellent.

This app is completely free with ads and a small watermark in the bottom right. With premium version, you can remove ads and watermark.

5. Fotogenic: Face & Body tune and Retouch Editor

Photogenic App Android

This app has many features of photo editing, some of them are:

Tools: text, speech bubble, stretch, slimmer (pro), perspective, mosaic, and straighten image.

Beauty: skin smoothing, teeth whitening, photo detailing, makeup, body building (pro), body curves (pro), tattoo (pro), skin tanning (pro), and blur background.

Color: color splash (pro), color replacement (pro), color adjustment, filters (pro), red eye fixer, HDR, brightness and contrast.

Paint: signature, funny brushes, weather, glow line, flare, bokeh, money, dandelion, bubble, petals, confetti, and other shapes.

Texture: light leaks (pro), gradient (pro), vignette, mask (pro), lens flare (pro), frames, and doodle.

The basic features of this app are free, but you can unlock more than 30+ items by purchasing the full version for $6.99.

6. Body Plastic Surgery

Body Plastic Surgery Android

Body Plastic Surgery is a fantastic body retouching app! It’s quite simple to use, but it requires practice to make your modification looks natural.

The app performs exactly as advertised and ok when I’m online. There are no subscriptions or hidden fees, and the program is completely free with ads.

But sometimes when I try to open the app while I’m offline, the app won’t let me in because it keeps loading in splash screen.

Not to mention, the banner ad at the bottom of the screen is both superfluous and distracting.

7. Body Tune: slim and skinny, reshape photo editor

Body Tune Android

Body Tune is a powerful body editor that can make your body thinner and slimmer. With this app, you can also change the shape of any area of your body.

But just like any other body editor apps, if you do too much editing especially in waist and hips, you will notice a slight distortion to the background or your arms.

This app is free with ads. There’s no pro version, so you can’t remove the ads from the app.

However, the ads are not as intrusive as those on other apps. You’ll find ads in three places: in the photo selector, in the result preview, and a full screen ad after you tap save icon.

In rare cases, I’ve discovered a bug in this app that prevents photos from being saved after the full-screen add appears.

Lastly, the app doesn’t let you choose photo in your photo gallery, it only let you choose the latest photos on your phone. So, if you want to find old photos, you’ll have to scroll a lot.

8. BeautyPlus – Best Selfie Cam & Easy Photo Editor

Beauty Plus Android

With BeautyPlus, you may take stunning great selfies and touch-up your portraits in no time.

This app basically is beauty app. So you will find many beautifying features, such as: removing acne, pimple or blemish, smoothing your skin, brightening your eyes, whitening your teeth, trying trendy makeup, erasing unwanted objects, adding filters and special effect, and more to enhance photos.

To edit your body with this app, you can use height adjusting tool to reshape your body. Another feature you can use is slimming tool which you can just drag to slim your waist, arm, face, breasts, hips, and more.

You can also lengthen your favorite parts of your photos to make your photos high fashion style with this app.

You can also retouch your skin tones with the smoothness correction tool, which is useful if they’re a little too warm or cool.

9. B612 – Best Free Camera & Photo/Video Editor

B612 Android

You probably has already know this app. Being one of the most famous photo editing app on Android and iPhone, B612 has versatile features you could think of for editing photos. Body editor is one of them.

You could do more to your selfies with this app. You can easily adjust your body to make yourself look thinner. It’s not only about the face and the shape, but also the skin texture.

Here’s how to use body editor in B612:

  • When you open the app, the app will open selfie camera.
  • From the camera screen, you can take new photo or edit old photos by tapping “Edit” on the left bottom. It will open photo gallery which you can choose the folder.
  • Choose your desired photo to start editing.
  • Then, select “Body” at the very right side of “Effects”.
  • You can start changing your body, from the top of your head to your toes.

10. BeautyCam

BeautyCam Android

The application, as the name implies, is designed to beautify your face. However, it may also modify the size and shape of your body as well as your skin texture.

This app offers “one tap s-shaped body” that will adjust your body to the ideal curve using its algorithms.

Just like B612 app, BeautyCam also has built-in camera interface. You can take new photo or select your old photos to begin editing.

This app is free with ads and limited features. To unlock premium features and remove ads, you have to purchase VIP plan subscription which costs $3.9 monthly or $17.5 yearly. This app also offers 7-day free trial.

11. SNOW

Snow App Android

12. Polish (Photo Editor Pro)

Polish App Android

13. Beauty Camera Plus & Photo Editor – Sweet Selfie

Beauty Camera Plus Android

This app actually does the job well. Just like other apps in this list, this app offers free body adjustment and complete options.

But I recommend you not to install this app unless you want to pay $3.9 to remove ads.

If not, you’ll be annoyed because the ads are intrusive, it’s everywhere and force you to wait 10 seconds until the close button appear.

The ads will appear almost every time you navigate to other menus. Even when you open the app, it shows full screen ad, wait for 10 seconds, close the ad, AND there’s still a small pop-up ad that you need to close before you can access the actual interface of the app itself.

Sometimes when the ad appears and still loading, the app isn’t responding and you have no choice other than force close the app.