How to Make Potion in Minecraft

Are you a Minecraft fan who wants to learn how to make potions in the game? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide I will teach you everything there is about crafting as well as bottling all types of Minecraft Potions.

In Minecraft, potion is one of the important items because they give you different abilities throughout your gameplay. For example, if you were in need of food but didn’t happen to run into any cows or pigs, using this recipe would allow you to get back the hunger bar without having to worry about running out of food again!

If you dive a lot, Potion of Water Breathing is what you probably want to make. If you want to run fast, then Potion of Swiftness is the answer, and many more.

With this guide, anyone can craft potions that could save their life at any time!

What Will You Need to Make Potions in Minecraft

There are various materials that you must prepare before making potions in Minecraft, the ingredients are:

Things you need to make potion
  • Glass Bottle
  • Brewing Stand
  • Blaze Powder
  • Cauldron (optional)
  • Water Bucket (To fill Cauldron water)

Those are the basic ingredients to make potion. You will need to add other unique ingredients depending on what potion you want to make, later I will also make a guide to make each potion.

Making Glass Bottle

Making glass bottle is the most crucial step before making any potion. Because all types of potion requires a glass bottle.

You can make glass bottles by using glass blocks. If you don’t have one yet, you can craft it by burning sand in the furnace.

If you already have glass blocks, then open your crafting table and put three glass blocks like so:

How to Make Glass Bottle

You will get three glass bottles. Then, drag them to your inventory.

Making Brewing Stand

How to Make Brewing Stand

The easiest method to find brewing stand is to look for a village in your world, then look for a church-like building. You will find a brewing stand located on the first floor. You can freely use that brewing stand to brew your potions.

But if you want to craft it yourself, you will need:

  • 1 Blaze Rod
  • 3 Cobblestone

Collecting cobblestones is easy because they’re everywhere. But to collect a blaze rod is a little bit tricky. You will need to go to The Nether, find Blaze, then kill it to get a blaze rod.

If you already have blaze rod and cobblestone, open your crafting table, then place the blaze rod in the middle and three cobblestones in the bottom. You will get a brewing stand.

Making A Cauldron (Optional)

How to make a cauldron in Minecraft

Making a cauldron is optional, because you won’t need this to make potions, but it could be handy in certain situation.

The main function of cauldron is to store your potion, so you can pour your potion in it and take it back later.

With the help of cauldron, you don’t have to go back once at a time to fill your glass bottle. But one cauldron can only fill three glass bottle, which is not quite much. But I think this is just a nice thing to have.

To make a cauldron, you will need 7 iron ingots and place them U-shaped in the crafting table.

Making Blaze Powder

Making Blaze Powder

Blaze powder is an important item in this process because it is used as a fuel for your brewing stand. To make blaze powder, you will need a blaze rod (again).

So if you go to The Nether to get a blaze rod, be sure to get as much blaze rod as you can.

If you already have blaze rod, open your crafting table, place a blaze rod anywhere in the grid. You will get two blaze powders.

At this point, you have all the basic ingredients and are ready to start making potion in Minecraft.

Next, I will show you the types of potions in Minecraft and how to make it.

Making Base Potion

To make all types of potion, you will start with the base potion.

There are three base potions in Minecraft: awkward potion, mundane potion, and thick potion.

Base potion has no effect until you add the second ingredient.

However, the only base potion you will only need is the awkward potion because this is the base for almost all potion.

The other two, the mundane potion and the thick potion, don’t have any use yet. So, making those two is only a waste of resource.

How to make awkward potion

Making Awkward Potion

To make awkward potion, you will need:

  • 1 Nether Wart
  • 1 Water Bottle (at least)
  • 1 Blaze Powder

Open your brewing stand, put 1 water bottle on the bottom box (but in this example I will use three), put a nether wart on the top box, and lastly, put a blaze powder on the left box. Wait until the brewing process is done. The water bottle will turn into awkward potion.

Please note that 1 Blaze Powder can brew 20 batches of potion. So you won’t need any blaze powder if you want to brew other potions later.

How to Make Effect Potion

Now, you know how to make awkward potion. This is the starting point to brew other types of potion.

In this section, I will give you an example on how to make an effect potion. Effect potion is potion that comes in potion bottle and has effect in it.

Let say you want to make potion of regeneration, potion of strength or potion of fire resistance. These potion come in potion bottle and they have their own effect when used.

To make such potion, add the specific ingredient on top box of your brewing stand. I will use water breathing potion as an example.

Making water breathing potion

How to Make Water Breathing Potion

You will need:

  • 1 Pufferfish
  • 1 Awkward potion (at least)
  • 1 Blaze Powder (I don’t use this because I still have the blaze powder from the last brew)

Open your brewing stand, put the awkward potion in the bottom box, then put a pufferfish on the top box. Wait until the process is finished. The awkward potion will turn into water breathing potion (3 minutes).

How to Make Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft

Effect potion duration

Every potion in Minecraft has initial duration which vary from 45 seconds to 3 minutes. You can extend the duration using Redstone Dust. Here’s the table of potion duration:

Potion NameInitial DurationExtended Duration
Potion of Water Breathing3 minutes8 minutes
Potion of Night Vision3 minutes8 minutes
Potion of Swiftness3 minutes8 minutes
Potion of Leaping3 minutes8 minutes
Potion of Invisibility3 minutes 8 minutes
Potion of Strength3 minutes 8 minutes
Potion of Slowness1 min 30 seconds4 minutes
Potion of Weakness1 min 30 seconds 4 minutes
Potion of Poison45 seconds2 minutes
Potion of Regeneration45 seconds 2 minutes

Effect potion level

While every potion has initial duration, not all potions have the ability to be enhanced to level II. Here’s the list of potion that can be enhanced:

  • Potion of Leaping (Level I → II)
  • Potion of Swiftness (Level I → II)
  • Potion of Healing (Level I → II)
  • Potion of Poison (Level I → II)
  • Potion of Harming (Level I → II)
  • Potion of Regeneration (Level I → II)
  • Potion of Strength (Level I → II)

You can extend the potion’s level by adding Glowstone Dust.

Changing the potion type

There are two derivatives of effect potions: splash potion and lingering potion. You can turn a regular potion to splash potion and lingering potion using these two ingredients:

  • You can turn a potion into a splash potion with Gunpowder.
  • You can turn a splash potion into a lingering potion with Dragonbreath.

If you have read up to here, then I hope you have succeeded in making the potion you want, but if you are still confused, you can write it in the comments column below.