10 Best Age Progression Apps for Android & iPhone

We all want to look young and beautiful, but sometimes we wonder how our face will look like in a few decades.

That’s where these 15 age progression apps come in! These apps will make you look old – at least on your phone screen.

If you’re looking for a way to prank someone, these apps are perfect for anyone who wants their photos taken with them looking older than they actually are.

1. FaceApp

FaceApp Android Review

The first app is FaceApp which is one of the pioneers of age progression app on the internet. This app is available for Android and iOS, and can be downloaded for free.

This app is free, but you have to go pro to unlock some premium filters. But the good news is the old filters are free!

Using FaceApp is also very straightforward. Choose your photo from gallery or take directly from camera, then slide to “age” filter, then choose “old” or “cool old” filter, and that’s it.

The app will edit your face automatically using cloud computing, which means it doesn’t use your phone’s resource for the editing process. And by that, you’ll always need an internet connection to use this app. This app won’t work when you’re offline.

FaceApp has a very good level of automatic editing, especially for the aging face editing feature. Don’t believe it? Give it a go by downloading the free app below!

2. SnapChat Filters

SnapChat Old Face Filter

Do yo know that you can also make your face look old using SnapChat filters?

You can access them by going into the ‘filters’ feature in the app and search for filter named “Old Age”, or “Time Machine”.

Old Age filter will turn your face into an elderly person. You can make a photo or short video using that filter, and the result look so realistic!

Meanwhile, the Time Machine filter will show your progression age from young to old.

There’s a bar you can slide left or right that serves as a timeline. Sliding the bar to the left depicts a young face, while sliding it to the right depicts an old one.

However, this will only work if you use camera as filters work in real-time. You won’t be able to choose your old photos from gallery using these filters.

3. TikTok 2078 Effect

TikTok Filter 2078

If you already have TikTok on your phone installed, you can turn your face to look old without downloading new app.

You just have to open TikTok, go to “Discover” tab, and search for “2078”.

Then tap on any TikTok video, then tap the filter that is used in the video. Then, tap on “Try this effect.”

This filter is called “2078” which means it will show how you will age through the years and then it stops when it reaches the year 2078.

Even though this filter is a simulation for fun, many people feel emotional when using this filter realizing how short life is. Would you try?

4. Future Face App

Future Face App Android

For Android users, Future Face App is a great age progression app that you can use to make yourself look older.

This app lets you choose photos from your gallery and takes your photo using AI image recognition technology to create an old version of your face.

The cool thing about this app is that you can how old you want your photo look by setting your desired age inside the app.

5. Make me Old

Make me Old App Android

Make me Old is another age progression app that we recommend for you to try.

Just like Age Face, this application is more focused on the face old-editing feature.

However, the Make me Old application has unique features such as adding facial accessories such as glasses, hats, and more. Not only that, you can also add a beard and mustache so that your old face looks more attractive.

This application is easy for you to operate and can be downloaded for free on Android.

6. Age Face – Make me OLD

Age Face App Android

Age Face is also a popular age progression app on the internet. When I tried it, I found the app not very intuitive and had a lot of ads.

This app offers a variety of interesting modes instead of focusing on facial aging alone. Let’s say face booth, fun masks, and animal faces.

In this app, there are many choices of old face templates that you can choose, which are also known as mask.

With mask, you can change the wrinkles, beard, eyebrow, and skin tone.

The app gives you the option to increase the age of the photo result, for example, +40 will make the photo 40 years older, +50 will make your photo 50 years older, and so on.

Age Face also allows you to save your image as a gif, so you can save an old version of your face with certain facial movements.

7. Magic Face

Magic Face App Android

If you’re looking for the best age progression apps, I think this is one of them. This app has no ads, is easy to use, and has a modern interface.

Magic Face edits your face using AI recognition, resulting in photos that you can count on.

With this complete and good features, I’m not surprised if this is a paid app, but you can give it a try with a 3 days free trial.

Some of the features include: time machine, future baby, young camera, Halloween makeup, gender switch, and many more.

8. Old face | Old age photo face changer

Old Face Old Age App

When installed, this app will change its name to Face Changer – just in case if you’re confused. It is not the best app in this list, but it does the job pretty well.

And just like other free apps, Face Changer has a lot of ads. But on the other side, this app focuses on editing the old face only. There are no other features, which is great because it keeps the app lightweight.

Once you’re done, you can edit the result, save it to your gallery, or reset from the app. There are not many editing options, only stickers and text.

9. Fantastic Face

Fantastic Face App Android

In terms of appearance, this app has many similarities with Magic Face. Starting from the splash screen to the features.

Fantastic Face also claims to use AI facial recognition technology to edit your face, and I can confirm they look good.

And just like Magic Face, this application is a paid app, but you can try it with a 3 day free trial.

Some of the cool features of this app include: Aging Prediction, Aging Together, Baby Prediction, Palmistry Predictor, Beauty Competition, Love Pairing, Emotion Analysis, and many more.

10. FaceLab Photo Editor: Gender Swap, Oldify, Toon Me

FaceLab Android Result

FaceLab is an all-in-one app for editing your face photos. This application has many editing options that you can explore, such as: aging effect, zombie face, making your face look like a cartoon, beard effect, young filter, and more.

You can use FaceLab to make yourself look completely unrecognizable by choosing one of the more creative filters on the app.

The app is easy to use, you only need to choose your desired photo, then choose “Old” or “Cool old” effect.

This app is not free, but you can give it a try using 3 day free trial.