9 Best Thermal Camera Apps for Android & iPhone

Infrared cameras are the perfect tool for taking pictures in a dark or minimally lit place and measuring the exact temperature of an object.

The camera has visibility that will allow you to take photos and videos in the dark, which means it works well for night scenes.

Now, you can do that too with your smartphone with these infrared thermal camera apps.

Some of them are real thermal camera that requires you to install additional actual thermal camera to work, while the rest are just a simulation app, as most smartphone right now aren’t capable of registering heat sensor waves.

So, these are some of the best infrared camera apps available on Google Play and App Store.

1. Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal App Android

Our first choice of thermal camera app is Seek Thermal. This app is a real thermal camera app. But in order to function properly, you need to attach a Seek Compact thermal camera to your smartphone.

They’re available for both Android and iPhone. You can buy one on Amazon or their website here.

This application will help to know the visualization of thermal energy around us. With this application, you can turn your cellphone camera into a thermal imager.

2. Flir One

Flir One App Android

The next list of best apps is Flir One. This application will also help to turn your cellphone into a real thermal camera using the Flir One device that you can buy here.

Without using Flir One device, you cannot run this application.

It is also one of the most advanced thermal camera apps ever. If you mount the Flir One on your device, you will have the same capabilities as a professional thermal camera.

This application will help you to be able to check the ambient temperature, look for animals in the dark, and even check for water leaks in electrical equipment.

3. Thermal Camera FX: Simulator

Thermal Camera FX App Android

This Thermal Camera FX application can be the next choice for you. Thermal Camera FX has one of the best thermal camera effects which can display photos and videos in real-time.

Not only that, this application can also simulate the temperature detection of all objects around us. You can also save photos and videos using this thermal effect to your phone’s gallery.

4. Thermal Camera Photo Filter Simulator

Thermal Camera Photo Filter Simulator App Android

This application is a pretty good at imitating a thermal camera for your Android phone. This app will create the illusion of infrared light from any object around us.

To use this application is also quite easy. You only need open the app and directly point the camera at your surroundings to simulate the infrared thermal effect.

With this application, you can get pictures as if you were using a real thermal camera.

5. Thermal scanner Camera VR

Thermal scanner camera VR App Android

The next thermal camera app is Thermal Scanner Camera VR. And just like other thermal vision simulator apps in this list, this one will also provide a fun experience of simulating a thermal vision camera.

There are several colors that you can set to show the thermal, such as mono, heat, fire and ice and many more. The interesting feature of this app is that it can control zoom, flash and can shoot images quickly.

6. Thermal Camera VR : Sim/Prank

Thermal Camera VR App Android

This app allows you to explore your environment with thermal vision.

I think the results are quite satisfactory, considering this is only a simulation.

And as the name suggests, this app can also be run via VR, and you can take photos and videos in real time using VR mode or normal mode.

Although this application works great with selfie camera, I do not recommend using it in VR mode because your front camera will be covered.

This app claims that it uses tonal mapping to simulates the thermal view, whatever that is. In the application, there are several other thermal effect options that you can unlock one by one.

7. Termokot

Termokot App Android

It looks like Thermokot is not a fairly popular thermal camera application, considering that it only has 465 downloads on Google Play so far.

This app claims that it can tell the temperature of burning metal based on its color.

You know, I don’t really understand metallurgy. But I think metal might have different reddish colors at some certain temperature, and maybe the app will determine the approximate temperature based on that color difference.

So maybe this application is more suitable for blacksmiths instead of just curious person like us.

8. Color Night Vision Camera Simulator & VR

Color Night Vision Camera App Android

This is also one of the thermal camera app that you can try. This app is called Color Night Vision Camera Simulator & VR.

And as the name implies, and this will provide you a simulated night-vision camera and the temperature of objects around us.

This app will help you see near objects clearly in the dark using advanced image manipulation algorithm.

Even though it’s not a real thing, it actually simulates it pretty good. This app provides three types of effects you can choose, from color, green, and black and white.

9. Predator Thermal Camera

Predator Thermal Camera App Android

The Predator Thermal Camera application is one application that can provide a thermal camera effect on Android smartphones.

This application has smooth and detailed graphics that you can see in real time through the main camera.

When you have finished taking pictures, you can edit, delete, and share your photos through this app.