How to Make A Blue Dye in Minecraft

Have you ever found yourself staring at a block of white wool, wondering how to make it into a blue wool? Well, let me show you the recipe for making blue dye in Minecraft!

After reading this guide, I hope you will have learned how to make a blue dye. You can later use this dye on any wool or other block piece in order to change its color.

What material do you need to make a blue dye?

The recipe to make a blue dye is one piece of cornflower. If you already have cornflowers, open your inventory and put one cornflower in the 2×2 crafting grid. One cornflower will give you one blue dye.

How to Make a Blue Dye in Minecraft using 2x2 grid

Another way to make a blue dye is using lapis lazuli. If you already have lapis lazuli, put one in a 2×2 or 3×3 crafting grid, and you will get one blue dye.

How to Make a Blue Dye in Minecraft using lapis lazuli

If you don’t have lapis lazuli yet, you need to get one. To get lapis lazuli, you will need to mine lapis lazuli ore and dig it using stone, iron, diamond, or netherite pickaxe. Wood pickaxe won’t do it.

However, lapis lazuli ore is one of the rarest material in Minecraft. It’s usually found between 11 to 27 blocks below the ground. One lapis lazuli ore usually drops 4 to 9 pieces of lapis lazuli.

To me personally, using cornflower is always the best way to go since cornflowers are so much easier to get.

How to get a blue dye using give command?

You can also get a blue dye using a give command. To run the give command, you need to open the chat window and type the below command. Please note that different Minecraft version may have different command. Always make sure you’re running the right one.

If you’re running Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) higher than version 1.14, here’s the command:

/give @p blue_dye 1

Minecraft Java Edition lower than version 1.14 has no blue dye option since the blue dye is a new item added in the Village & Pillage Update which is version 1.14.

If you’re running Minecraft Windows 10 Edition higher than version 1.16.0, here’s the command:

/give @p blue_dye 1 0

If you’re running Minecraft Windows 10 Edition lower than version 1.14.0, here’s the command:

/give @p dye 1 18

Items you can craft from blue dye

There are many uses of blue dye in Minecraft. Just like other dyes, the primary use is to give color to other items such as wool, candle, glass, and so on. Here are some items you can make from a blue dye:

  • Purple Dye
  • Magenta Dye
  • Cyan Dye
  • Light Blue Dye
  • Blue Wool
  • Blue Stained Glass
  • Blue Terracotta
  • Blue Concrete Powder
  • Blue Shulker Box
  • Dyed Leather Cap
  • Dyed Leather Tunic
  • Dyed Leather Boots
  • Dyed Leather Pants
  • and many more