10 Animal Face Editor Apps for Android & iOS

Do you ever want to change your face into an animal? Well, now you can do that with your smartphone.

We’ve found 15 animal face changer apps that will make you laugh and have fun while also being useful. These apps will help you change the look of your photos in seconds with just one tap!

1. SnapChat

SnapChat Animal Filters

Snapchat is one of the most popular and well-rated Android applications on the Google Play Store, providing users with a fun method to share their experiences with friends and family.

To use face swap effects, simply choose the twin filter option. Snapchat also enables you to make a face swap video by keeping your finger on the camera shutter button for a while.

As a popular face filter app, SnapChat also enables users to transform their faces into animal masks. SnapChat includes several filters for turning your face into an animal, including a panda, tiger, dog, snail, and many more.

2. Instagram

Instagram Filter Android

Instagram is a well-known app that enables users to take a photo and transform it from a seemingly standard picture into an artistic masterpiece.

There are many filter options to choose from, including AR filters such as robots, cartoon characters, and many more.

In addition, Instagram includes face filters so if you have ever wanted to see what you would look like as a dog or lizard or even a panda bear, now you can!

Just search your filter in the bottom left corner of your screen and select your desired animal mask filter.

3. Zooface – Video Animal Morph

Zooface App Android

With this app, we’ll be able to give life to our transformation from person to animal in a matter of seconds, as if it were magic!

We just need to pick the animal with which we wish to test it, take a selfie with our phone, and we’re done.

The animal face transformation will become a GIF that we can later post on social media.

We can also use the Zooface app with our existing photographs in our phone gallery, and the results will continue to amaze us every time we try different photos.

4. Animal Face by Wise Shark Software

Animal Face

Animal Face, which has also been downloaded the most, is not really capable of transforming your face into an animal. However, because it works with stickers, you may use it in any type of image.

All you have to do is choose the animal face sticker that you like and apply it on your face in the best place that fits. After that, we’ll just need to save the picture and use it wherever we want.

5. FaceArt Selfie Camera: Photo Filters and Effects

FaceArt Selfie Camera Photo Filters and Effects

The FaceArt Selfie Camera is another app that you may use to modify your face into an animal. When you download it, all you have to do is accept the camera and storage permissions.

You may utilize the selfie or rear camera to use your face as a depiction of various breeds of dogs or cats.

In addition, we can customize the filters, choosing if we want to use the tongue or the ears of different animals.

Additionally, we can also modify the filters to choose whether we want to use the tongue or the ears of different animals.

6. Beauty Face Plus : face morphing

Instaface Android App

When we talk about the best animal face changer apps, Beauty Face Plus is definitely on the list. It has a huge collection of masks that you can customize to your liking.

This application supports a wide range of animal masking applications: face removal, partial face care, face transformation, face blending and separation effects. It gives you access to over 50 animal masks.

Also, it will give you an eraser instead. This means you have a lot of customization options. Another feature of this app is that it also has specific groups of parts like eyes, mouth, nose, etc. Therefore, your need will satisfy the result.

Do you want to turn into a strange animal? Choose and add as many elements as you like and voila! You’ll have more than 40 at your fingertips if you like the animal eye feature. Share on Twitter or Instagram as soon as you finish your work. This app is only available on Google Play.

7. Animal Face by Easy Tiger Apps

Animal Face by Easy Tiger Apps

The Animal Face app is a creative and fun way to capture your photos and turn your face into animal. Included are various styles of hand drawing frames, a handpicked selection of real animal stickers to place over your pictures, and a nice selection of filters.

This app has a great variety of animal masks, consisting of 200 stickers in the range colors for animals. This includes fish and insects too!

This application gave users the power to change their face with an animal, and it’s considered one of simplest ways in which you can change your appearance.

8. YouCam Fun – Snap Live Selfie Filters & Share Pics

YouCam Fun

If you’re looking to take your selfies and edits a step further, then YouCam Fun might be exactly what you need!

The app’s filters are perfect for anyone who wants that unique touch on their social media posts or even just in everyday life with friends as they capture the moment unfold before them through phone cameras.

The reason is that the YouCam Fun Live Selfie Filters software has a lot of cool effects and stickers to keep you coming back for more. You can change your photo like a chef, guinea pig, wolf, and many other animal animation effects.

9. Face Swap – Face Changer Camera & Editor

Face Swap Face Changer Camera Editor

This application made by Wombatica Software is another excellent choice. Because this app may also transform your face with stunning images, it’s worth considering.

There are several face-changing templates accessible in the form of animal faces, such as cats, monkeys, and dogs.

Do you want to download the app and give it a try? Click the button below.

10. LookMe Camera

LookMe App Android

LookMe Camera is an app that may be used as both a selfie camera and picture editor. It’s possible to edit your photo right within the LookMe Camera app after taking a selfie.

The LookMe Camera app also provides numerous effects that you can use directly, including animal effects.

Besides being able to provide animated animal effects, you can combine all photo edits by using the college feature. Interested in trying? Download by clicking the button below to give it a go.