40 Best 1MB Games for Android That Are Unbelievably Addictive

There are plenty of Android games that are under 1MB in size. While you may think that these games would be simple and not very addictive, you would be surprised at how entertaining they can be.

I have tried many Android games that are less than 1MB in size, and here are my 40 best choices, sorted from the smallest.

Whether you’re waiting in line, riding public transportation, or just have a few minutes before bedtime, these low MB games is perfect to kill some time.

More importantly, they can be downloaded in just a few seconds!

So if you’re looking for some quick and easy entertainment, be sure to check out these 1MB Android games. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

1. Touch Reflex (21 kB)

Touch Reflex Android Game

Touch Reflex is a super simple game which is only 21kb in size, making it the smallest in this list.

In this game, you are given 15 seconds to tap a green dot that will randomly appear anywhere on the screen.

Every time you tap the dot accurately, a new dot will appear and you have to tap it quickly. If you missed the dot, it will turn blue and you have to tap it one more time until it disappear (and move).

Tap as many green dots as possible for 15 seconds to get a higher score.

2. Trapball (23 kB)

TrapBall Game Android

TrapBall is a game where you have to trap two bouncing balls into a smaller container by splitting the screen of your phone into a smaller area.

On the first level, you must trap these 2 balls to 65% of your screen. The higher the level, the smaller the container you have to make.

When the ball hits your divider, you have to redo it. But you can separate the two balls to different container.

3. Cross Nil Game (62 kB)

Cross Nil Game Android

The rules of this game are very simple, similar to tic tac toe, but you are required to make 5 crosses to win. Whether it is vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

4. Snake 3D (72 kB)

Snake 3D Android

Yup, the old game we all know. The only difference is that this one is in 3D format.

The rules are the same as Snake game, get the food and be the longest.

5. Sand! (128 kB)

Sand Game Android

I played this game from late 2013 on my first Android phone, and loved it ever since! I even purchased the premium version which has more elements.

This game lets you draw particles from different materials and they will react to each other. Similar to Little Alchemy but much, much simpler. Perfect for you who likes doing experiment to pass time.

6. Escape: The Room (146 kB)

Escape The Room Android

This game is literally the smallest escape game on Android – and I think on any other platform.

This game has only 1 level, and to me, it’s kinda difficult to solve. I spent 30 minutes to solve this game. Can you solve it faster? Let me know! 🙂

7. FreeBalls (151 kB)

FreeBall Game Android

FreeBalls is a physics game which simulate balls or water in a container.

In this game you can adjust the density of each particle and change it to two types of particles: balls or water. Both have different physical characteristics.

This game uses accelerometer to control and simulate the physics, making it look as if your smartphone is the case. You can also play it using the touchscreen.

8. 2048 (172 kB)

2048 Android Game edited

This puzzle game was popular a while ago, which you probably already know.

2048 is a challenging puzzle game where we have to combine numbered boxes to form the number 2048.

Although it sounds very simple, it takes patience and the perfect strategy to win the game.

9. Fast Math (178 kB)

Fast Math Android Game

Fast Math is a math game that trains your dexterity in simple math calculations.

This game has two modes: hard and cool.

In hard mode, you are given 7.5 seconds to solve as many math problems as possible quickly. While in cool mode you are given 20 seconds.

10. Draw15 (195 kB)

Draw15 Game Android

Draw15 is a very light drawing game with quite capable features.

Some of the features include zooming to draw more detail, color choices, lines, pens, and so on.

It’s perfect for you who like to take note and do a light drawing.

11. RetroRunner MZ (276 kB)

Retro Runner MZ Game Android

RetroRunner MZ is a small game that consists of 4 different minigames in it. Namely Moving Searcher, Man-Hunt, Painful Man, and Land Escape.

This game will turn your smartphone into a mini console with a controller at the bottom and a small screen at the top.

But the drawback is that this game will make your screen brightness maximized and cannot be dimmed.

I don’t know why they don’t include the setting to set the brightness manually because that’ll make your eyes burnt.

12. 15 Numbers (286 kB)

15 Numbers Game Android

This game can be a fun multiplayer offline game to play with your friends.

In this game, each player will be given 15 numbers from 1-90 randomly and will be drawn with a dice. The player whose number appears more often wins the game.

13. diaf (303 kB)

diaf Game Android

If you like old-school RPG survival games like Harvest Moon, this might be for you.

Although there are not many features that can be provided, this game brings an interesting nostalgic experience.

The rules of this game are similar to Minecraft. In this game, you can cut down trees, craft some wood and iron tools, build houses, hunt animals, and survive zombies.

14. 2-Player Games For 1 Device (313 kB)

2 Player Games for 1 Device Android

As the name implise, this game contains four classic board games that can be played with 2 players. The game includes Chess, Checkers a.k.a Draughts, Othello a.k.a Reversi, and Four in A Row a.k.a Connect 4.

Here’s what the developer say about this game: Nothing fancy. No online games, no AI for solo games. No ads, no connection required, no special permissions required. Just four classic games in one small package.

15. Miners 4k (338 kB)

Miners 4K Game Android

If you like mining games, maybe you’ll like this one. In this game, you act as a miner and you must dig tunnels that will lead you to find gold.

After you find the gold, you need to go back to the starting position again.

16. Football Game (362 kB)

Football Game Android

This is a super simple football game. However, it still has various difficulty level from beginner to expert.

In this game you will lead all the team to control the ball and score a goal. To control the game, you can drag the players to any position you want to control them. When you’re ready to make a shoot, double tap on the screen.

17. xPiano+ (397 kB)

xPiano Plus Android

This is a full-fledged piano game under 1 mb in size, even just a few kilobits. With such a small size, the sound quality is quite okay, although not impressive.

You can even change the instrument with a very wide and complete selection. Starting from acoustic grand piano, guitar, bass, pipe, percussive, synth, to sound effects.

Not only that, you can also record and save your play and load it later. Wow I’m blown away.

18. Gravity Defied Pro (358 kB)

Gravity Defied Game Android

This game is a port of the old game titled Gravity Defied. In this game, you have to complete various track challenges.

Use the numpad to move the dirt bike back and forth to keep it from falling.

19. Fire Helicopter (424 kB)

Fire Helicopter Game Android

In this game, you become a forest firefighter and do the work using a helicopter.

Take water and put out the fire as fast as possible. You can control the helicopter by tilting your phone and touch your screen to drop water.

20. Eternal Lux (479 kB)

Eternal Lux Game Android

Eternal Lux is an 8-bit RPG with an interesting storyline.

This game looks very old school, supported by an 8-bit display and a cool MIDI soundtrack which made this game even cooler.

21. FishyFish (518 kB)

FishyFish Game Android edited

Do you know Fruit Ninja game? Well, this game has the same gameplay as that. But instead of you slicing fruits, this game requires you to catch fish that jump from the water into the air.

The more fish you catch in the given time, the higher you will score.

22. Tank 90 (521 kB)

Tank 90 Game Android

Remember this old Nintendo game? You can still play this game on Android.

The rules are still the same as in the original game, which is to defend the fort from enemy tank attacks.

23. Another Bomber (531 kB)

Another Bomber Game Android

This game is just like a bomber game, where you can control your plane and drop bombs on trucks, tanks, and enemy forts.

You have to take into account the direction of the bomb falling and the height to be able to hit the target correctly.

24. Crossword Puzzle Free (552 kB)

Crossword Android Game

Crossword games have been a game of leisure for a long time. This game contains crossword with English which consists of many levels.

This game will help you mass a little bit of your time and kill your boredom while increasing your knowledge.

25. Train Them to Cross (578 kB)

Train Them to Croos Bridge Builder Game Android

This game is a bridge builder game where you have to build a bridge that is strong enough for trains to cross.

Before starting to build the bridge, you will be given some money. The money will decrease along with the number of joint that need to build the bridge.

The more money you have left after successfully build a bridge, the more points you’ll earn.

26. Sokoban (624 kB)

Sokoban Android Game

This puzzle game contains many levels of Sokoban that you can play. The rule is simple: you have to move the blocks to a designated place.

You can only move 1 block at a time. Sounds easy, but very tricky.

This game is perfect for killing time and improving brain agility.

27. Pac Maze (678 kB)

Pac Maze Game Android

Pac Maze is a modification of the famous Pac-Man game. The rules are the same. But in this game, the Pac-Man is replaced with a square character.

This game as two modes: Story mode and Endless mode.

28. Fur-Guardians (700 kB)

Fur Guardian Game Android

Fur Guardian is a platform game, like Super Mario Bros.

Here, the main character is a furry animal which you can choose betweem a bear, cat, horse, and dog. You can also change the look such as adding clothes, changing color, etc.

Gameplay-wise, this game has a lot in common with Super Mario Bros., where you’ll be playing side-scrolling, destroying bricks, acquiring weapons, and stepping on threats, and getting to the last level.

29. Gurk II, the 8-bit RPG (713 kB)

Gurk II Android Game

Gurk II is an RPG genre game with an old school feel. And in my opinion, this is the most interesting under 1 mb RPG game of all.

Everything in this game reminds us of the old-school games feel, including the MIDI sound effects, the fun quests, and the 8-bit look. What a fun way to pass the time.

No wonder that this game is not free. It costs $1 which I think super worth it.

30. Bouncing Balls (725 kB)

Bouncing Balls Game Android

If you think this game is similar to the Nokia Bounce game, it’s not. Instead, this is more like a physics game.

This game lets you make balls by tapping the screen. You can make small balls, large balls, and remove balls. The balls will then bounce as you move your screen. It’s that simple.

31. Simple Four in a Line (725 kB)

Simple Four in a Line edited

If you like playing board games, chances are you already know this game. This game is the same as Hasbro Connect 4.

This game can be played by 2 person, each one will drop their piece into the column interchangeably.

The player who first sorts 4 pieces vertically, horizontally or diagonally, wins.

32. Chess for Android (762 kB)

Chess Game Android

Looking for a chess game that doesn’t eat up your phone’s memory? Here’s the answer.

With only 300kb, you can play chess offline, against friends, or against the computer.

You can change the board color, change the style of piece set, set difficulty level, and change the sound effect.

One thing this game lacks is only online multiplayer, which is understandable.

33. 1 MB (786 kB)

1MB Game Android

As the name implies, this game is under 1MB in size. 1MB is an endless side-scrolling genre game.

In this game, you will play 2 characters that you can swap alternately. You need to dig (destroy) and draw (build) the terrain to be able to continue to survive from enemies.

34. Slide (828 kB)

Slide Game Android

Slide is a puzzle game that will keep you occupied. In this game, you are asked to make a pattern that matches the predetermined pattern by sliding the colored cube blocks vertically or horizontally, just like a rubik’s cube.

This game has 3 levels: easy, medium, hard. Each level has 3 modes: 5×5, 7×7, and 9×9 grid. This game is a very exciting time killer!

35. Simple Piano (852 kB)

Simple Piano Android

Simple Piano is very simple. This piano game only has 8 basic notes. There are no additional settings and any gimmicks.

It is perfect to be used as a pitch reference tool or just playing around with basic notes.

36. Rings (866 kB)

Rings Game Android

Another fun puzzle game under 1 MB. This game is called Rings.

In this game, you will rotate a beaded ring in which one or two beads are colored red or yellow.

Then, you are given the challenge to spin the ring and place the red or yellow bead in a marked position.

37. Beamer (872 kB)

Beamer Game Android

This is another fun game made by Perun Labs under 1 MB. Here, you need to flip a square box left and right to reach the red beam.

To reach the red beam, you can use other beams to teleport and avoid enemies.

38. Tic Tac Toe FREE! (900 kB)

Tic Tac Toe FREE Game Android

As the name implies, just a simple tic tac toe game with a vintage look.

39. Atomic Bomber (936 kB)

Atomic Bomber Game Android

If you like arcade games and don’t mind some difficulty, then this game is for you.

It’s an interesting typical bomb games where you control a NATO ground-attack plane with one hand and drop bombs to the targets with your other hand.

The graphics are not amazing, it’s just simple shapes that are different colors.

But it is really fun to play and doesn’t take up much space on your phone. It has premium version which you can purchase for only $1.

40. BattleTanks (981 kB)

Battle Tanks Game Android

BattleTanks is also a game developed by Luke Allen, the man who made Atomic Bomb. In this game, you control a tank.

This game uses accelerometer to control the tank’s movement. You can tilt your phone to drive and touch on the screen for firing.


I know you love games. What if I told you that there’s a game that only 1.4 MB in size, but contains 1200 different games in it?

Yes, 1200 games, you read that right!

The game’s name is NES Emulator. It’s basically an emulator for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) which contains thousands of different games.

NES Emulator 1200 in 1

You can play legendary classic Nintendo games such as Mario Bros., Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and many more.