13 Powerful Social Media Finder Apps to Help You Search People Online

Locating the correct social media account of a specific person can often be extremely challenging, especially if they possess a common name or are not very active online.

Fortunately, you can simplify this process with the aid of social media finder apps.

Whether you’re on a quest to reconnect with an old friend or tracking down a new person you’ve recently met, these apps can facilitate accurate searches for any individual’s social media account.

1. Social Network Finder

Social Network Finder

The Social Network Finder is a powerful app that can help you track down a person’s social media presence.

All you need to do is provide a single piece of data, such as an email address, and the tool will generate a comprehensive report detailing their social media presence.

This report includes information on the person’s online activity, their social media connections, and their social networking habits.

This information can be extremely useful if you are trying to find someone’s social media account, track down that person’s whereabouts, or understand their online habits.

2. Social Searcher

Social Searcher

Social Searcher is a social media search engine that empowers users to search for social media content across various social networks.

The app equips users with a powerful tool for conducting social media research, and it is particularly beneficial for finding social media users across multiple networks.

Social Searcher supports searches on numerous platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

Users can search for social media content using a wide array of search terms, such as names, keywords, and locations. Additionally, users can filter search results by date, social network, and account type.

3. Seek Contacts

Seek Contacts

Seek Contacts is an app designed to help you locate social media accounts using various criteria.

With its facial recognition technology, you can search for a friend’s social media profiles using their photo.

Simply upload a person’s photo, and it will reveal all associated social media profiles.

You can also use Seek Contacts to find social media accounts by name, email, or phone number.

This app is an excellent tool for connecting with friends and family on social media. You can download Seek Contacts for free from the App Store or Google Play.

4. BeenVerified: People Search


With BeenVerified, you can easily locate people online using just their name or other contact information.

The app looks through billions of data points across dozens of public databases to locate the person you seek.

You will receive a detailed report containing current and past addresses, contact information, employment history, social media accounts, among other details.

With this powerful tool, you can stay connected with old friends and family, or verify new business contacts with ease.

5. Poirot – Username search


There may be situations where you have someone’s LinkedIn account, but lack information about their Twitter, Instagram, or other social media accounts.

With Poirot, you can locate a user’s profile on any website or social network where they have registered.

Just type in a username, and voila! A list of associated sites appears, each one including an email address for easy contact if needed.

6. Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search

By using Reverse Image Search, you can locate images that closely match your query on the internet.

This tool is incredibly useful for tracking down social media accounts or for gathering more information about someone online.

Simply upload a photo, and this tool will reveal all websites and social media accounts linked to the individual in the image.

Additionally, you can also search images by keyword, which in this case would be their name.

There is no need to download an app; you can conveniently use your browser and visit their website.

7. Social Catfish

Social Catfish

In addition to performing a reverse image search, you can utilize a reverse name search tool like Social Catfish to locate people and all their associated social media accounts online.If you are in the market for superclone Replica Rolex , Super Clone Rolex is the place to go! The largest collection of fake Rolex watches online!

Social Catfish offers numerous benefits. It allows you to authenticate individuals, reestablish lost connections, and unearth detailed information, even from the smallest clues you might possess.

Moreover, this tool provides comprehensive details about a person’s identity. These include their aliases, physical addresses, and employment history, among other things.

8. Discover Profile

Discover Profile

Discover Profile is a social media management tool. It empowers users to swiftly locate and engage potential customers across various social media platforms.

Primarily designed for marketing, Discover Profile also proves useful in finding specific individuals’ social media accounts.

This functionality can serve both personal and professional purposes, whether that’s monitoring a friend or family member’s online activity or networking with a potential business partner.

In any of its applications, Discover Profile stands as a robust tool, aiding users in broadening their social media outreach and fostering valuable connections.

9. Orbitly


While Orbitly is primarily recognized for its email finder tool, it also provides a robust utility for locating social media profiles.

This feature proves incredibly handy if you’re seeking alternative methods to establish contact with someone.

Orbitly simplifies the process of scouring for social media profiles, enabling you to search via an email address, phone number, or existing social profiles at your disposal.

10. People Looker

People Looker

People Looker is a tool to perform background checks on potential hires or prospective business partners. This tool generates a comprehensive report, encompassing names, addresses, photos, phone numbers, email addresses, criminal and court records, among other details.

Furthermore, People Looker will reveal all social media accounts associated with the individual in question.

By simply entering the person’s name, the tool searches through social media platforms for pertinent information.

With this data at hand, you can make well-informed decisions regarding potential engagement or collaboration with the individual.

11. Pipl.com


Pipl.com stands as one of the most popular people search tools employed for identity verification.

Boasting a database of over 3 billion identities spanning 150 countries, this tool significantly eases the task of locating a particular person.

Pipl.com enables you to initiate your search with minimal information – a name, an email address, or a phone number.

It then generates detailed reports that include social media accounts, current and past employment, physical address, images, age, and even individuals related to the person in question.

12. Snitch.Name


Snitch.Name is a social profile search engine designed to uncover individuals’ online identities across various social media platforms.

This tool can be particularly beneficial if you seek to learn more about someone you’ve met or are trying to locate a friend or family member.

With Snitch.Name, you simply need to input the first name or last name of the person of interest, and it automatically scours social media platforms for relevant information.

Snitch.Name also offers an array of filters to refine your search, allowing you to delve into professional accounts, social media sites, academic backgrounds, and even conduct criminal record searches.

13. Spokeo


Spokeo operates as a people search engine, facilitating the discovery of individuals based on their name, email address, phone number, or physical address.

With its access to billions of public records, Spokeo serves as a potent tool for conducting background checks, reconnecting with old friends and classmates, or simply gathering information about acquaintances.

Through Spokeo, you can obtain comprehensive details about an individual, encompassing contact information, location history, wealth data, family members, and associated social media accounts.

How to Find People’s Social Media without Apps

Don’t want to use apps? Well, here are several alternative strategies you can try.

1. Use Search Engines

You could resort to search engines like Google or Bing. However, these may not consistently yield accurate results, particularly if the individual’s social media account isn’t publicly accessible.

2. Dive Deeper on Social Media Platforms

Another method involves conducting your search directly on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Given the person’s name, a straightforward search generally leads to their social media account.

If the name is unknown, your search approach must be more inventive. For instance, try exploring keywords linked to the person’s workplace, school, or hometown.

3. Consult Mutual Contacts

If the search still proves fruitless, consider asking mutual contacts if they have any online contact information for the person in question.


Are these apps free to use?

While most of these social media finder apps require a subscription to access their full features, many of them offer a free trial. This allows you to assess the app’s suitability for your needs before committing to a purchase.

How do these apps obtain people’s data?

The vast majority of these social media finder apps gather information from publicly available sources. These sources include social media platforms, government databases, and data vendors, and the collected information pertains to people’s identities.

Users can then use this information to find social media accounts, contact details, and other relevant data about individuals.

What are the permitted uses of these apps?

These apps are intended for both personal and professional use and should never be employed for illegal or unethical activities, such as stalking, harassment, or privacy invasion.

You can use these apps and tools to prevent scams, protect yourself on dating sites, rediscover lost connections, secure your business, verify people’s identities, check a babysitter’s background, among other actions to ensure your online safety.