10 Best Baby Face Generator to Predict Your Future Child

There are many reasons why people might want to see what their child would look like or may just be curious about who they’ll meet in the future.

Whatever your reason is, there are plenty of apps out there that can help you visualize your future baby’s face!

I have tested some of the top baby face generator apps for Android and iPhone users to know how they produce different result and whether it’s worth your money or not.

In this experiment, I use this photo as the mother and the father for the baby.

Our Face For Experiment

Let’s see how each app produce different result and get to know more about them.

1. Baby Generator – A Baby Maker App

Future Baby Generator A Baby Maker App

This baby generator app claims to use advanced AI algorithm to calculate the future baby face. When you open the app, it has three functions: future baby face generator, parent-like percentage, and baby name generator.

To use the baby face generator, tap on the Future Baby, choose your photo and your partner’s, then you will be brought to a pop up screen to choose baby skin tone, then it starts generating.

I have tried several times using different photos, but I think it seems like the result is just a randomized baby photos.

App NameBaby Generator – A Baby Maker App
Size8.7 MB

Here’s the result using my photos:

Baby Generator A Baby Maker App Result

2. BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face

Babymaker Google Play

When you choose Baby Maker, you can analyze your face and the app will produce many possible faces for your baby.

The app is simple to navigate. Simply pick your pictures, choose your desired age or gender (optional), and hit the button to begin generating.

Based on the outcome, I may infer that this software is capable of masking and blending two parent faces. I can see that there’s a clear border between the forehead and eyes.

You can also pick your ideal hair color, eye color, gender, age, and skin tone using this app.

Here’s the result using my photos:

Babymaker Result
App NameBabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face
Size40 MB

It has mixed reviews on Google Play.

A user named Amanda Rankford says, “Now this app is awesome our baby was so freaking cute! This app is better then all the other baby making apps by far.”

However, another user named Jerome Cheynel had a bad experience. He reviewed: “Just not working. Keeps telling me to check my connection, that it can’t analyze my picture, even though my Internet is working fine on both Wi-Fi and mobile network.”

Baby Maker & Face Generator (Free Trial)

Baby Maker Face Generator

This is not your typical baby face generating application. It also has a pregnancy tracker and an article feed devoted to pregnancy and child health. The developer, Luxand, Inc., claims that the app utilizes a biometric identification method and complex science to compute the generated baby face.

Baby Maker & Face Generator is a paid app with a price $7.99/week and $49.99/year, but you can get free trial for 3 days. I think it’s one of the best in this list because it generates consistent result between Android and iOS.

App NameBaby Maker & Face Generator
DeveloperLuxand, Inc
Size60 MB on Android / 156.2 MB on iPhone

Here’s the result:

BabyPredictor – Generate your future baby face

Babypredictor Generate Your Future Baby Face
App NameBabyPredictor – Generate your future baby face
Size33 MB

And here’s the result:

Xycore Babypredictor Result

BabyGenerator – Predict your future baby face

Babygenerator Predict Your Future Baby Face
App NameBabyGenerator – Predict your future baby face
Size4.6 MB

And here’s the result:

Dbai Babygenerator Result

BabyGen – Predict & generate your future baby face

Babygen Predict Generate Your Future Baby Face
App NameBabyGenerator – Predict your future baby face
DeveloperAIST Group
Size33 MB

And here’s the result:

Babygen Result

Make A Baby: Future Face Maker (iOS Only)

Make A Baby Future Face Maker

As the name implies, Make A Baby is one of the most popular apps for parents.

This app doesn’t just help you visualize what your child will look like in the future, but it also packed with other gimmicky feature like baby game which allows you to raise your virtual baby.

App NameMake A Baby: Future Face Maker
DeveloperNinja Chemist LLC
Size82.3 MB

And here’s the result:

Fantastic Face Age Prediction Result

Future Baby Face Generator! (iOS Only)

Future Baby Face Generator
App NameFuture Baby Face Generator!
DeveloperPure Motion Lab SL
Size89.8 MB

Here’s the result:

Future Baby Generator A Baby Maker App Result

Baby Face Generator (iOS Only)

Baby Generator Ios
App NameBaby Face Generator
DeveloperBhim Singh
Size147.3 MB

Here’s the result:

Baby Face Generator Result

Baby Generator: Future BabyFace (iOS Only)

Baby Generator Future Babyface

If you’re looking for a free app, pass this one.

To me personally, this baby face generator has the nicest UI design, unlike any other app in this list. It’s easy to use, has cool graphic, and fun color choice.

The app is free with in-app purchases. At first, I thought the premium version would remove the ads, but no it’s not. This app has no ads. It turns out you have to pay to see the generated baby face result.

You can choose the pricing from $3.99 per week or $18.99 for lifetime.

App NameBaby Generator:Future BabyFace
DeveloperGilgamesh Limited
Size31.1 MB

Here’s the result:

Baby Generator Future Babyface Result