How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post (It’s possible!)

Instagram’s saved post is a useful feature that works like a bookmark which will come in handy to keep track of posts you want to revisit later.

However, many users are wondering whether they can see who is saving their Instagram post or not.

And because you’ve came to this post, chances are you might be one of them.

Can we see who is saving our Instagram posts? Or more specifically, is there any legitimate method we can do to discover this information?

Read on to learn more…

…because I have a good news and a bad news for you.

Can We See Who Saved Our Instagram Post?

The straight answer is: Not officially, but you can try other route.

Instagram has a complete analytics feature for business accounts. With a business account, we can see how our post performs through the insights feature.

It lets us know the numbers on how many likes, comments, saves, and actions our post gets.

…but they still doesn’t let us know which account is saving our post, and that’s for a good reason.

How to Know Who Saved Our Instagram Post?

Actually, there are a couple of manual methods we can attempt to help us know who saved our post on Instagram.

#1 method: take advantage of likes feature

Instagram won’t let us know who saved our post, but it does give you a list of people who liked your posts.

You can find out more about these mystery fans by looking at the accounts that always appear in your likes.

This method won’t bring the exact answer, but it will help us narrow down the account list who possibly be saving our post.

#2 method: Ask your followers using elegant question

You can ask your followers (and non-followers) by making an Instagram story.

You can take a screenshot of your post, post it to your Story, then add a text asking who saves this post.

If you don’t want to look too “invasive”, you can hide the number and pretend that the post gets so many saves and tell them this is for research purpose.

Here’s what I suggest:

“Wow I’m surprised this post got so many saves, I’d love to know what’s your opinion about this?”

People will not be comfortable when asked if they save your post, but they will be happy when asked for their feedback.

Can I Use Third Party Apps to See Who Saved My Post?

No, and please don’t.

I know there are many apps that claimed they can show you who saves your post, but most of them are not safe.

If not most, I can say all of them.

These kinds of app will ask for your Instagram login credential (username and password), and once you input those information, the app developer now have access to your account.

And since these app developers are mostly anonymous, you will never know what they will do with your account or your personal information.

Integrating your Instagram account with unreliable third party apps is dangerous. They won’t ever be able to tell you who saved your post either.

And if they do, believe me, it’s a fake data. So stop wasting your time and risking your account with those apps.

Why Instagram doesn’t let us know who saved our post?

Instagram is very strict when it comes to user’s privacy.

It is stated in their policy that every Instagram account is privacy-protected, so no one can see who saved your post and no one can see you when you save other account’s post.

Why Instagram only gives us the number?

Generally, you can only access the insight feature ONLY IF you’re on a business account.

So if you’re on a personal account, you will need to switch to business account to access this feature.

FYI: You don’t have to run a real business to use business account.

And as a business account, you don’t really need to know the exact account that’s saving your post. You only need the numbers as a measurement of your post’s engagement.

Read on, because in this post we’ll learn how can we see who saved our Instagram post, and whether it is even possible.

I don’t want people saves my post, how can I do that?

We can’t see who saves our Instagram post, but we can prevent someone from saving our post through the restrict feature. It’s a friendlier alternative to blocking.

Unlike blocking, restricting someone on Instagram will only limit their interactions with your account. They will still be on your following/followers list, hence they’re able to see your profile, your posts, or your stories, but not saving your post.

Final Words

So there you have it, everything about how to see who saved your Instagram post.

Depending on your purpose, you can choose to follow the methods above.

If you want to increase engagement on your posts, I suggest you go with the second method by asking your followers’ opinion.

And if you’re worried about your privacy, then you can use the restrict feature to prevent someone from saving your post.